Momentum: Bilberry

Imperial Baltic Porter

Alc vol 12%
OG 30P

Nordic Series is a special series of beers with ingredients from pure Nordic nature.

Momentum is a Baltic Porter brewed with bilberry. Deep dark colour, frothy brown head with a slightly purple hue. Aroma brings in notes of cacao mixed with raspberry and blueberry jam. Palate starts with a funky note - some earthy notes harmonizing with tangy blueberry acidity have a somewhat surprisingly refreshing quality. The refreshing acidity is followed by dark chocolate, cacao and slightly roasty notes. Full bodied, deliciously diverse flavours and dangerously easy to drink.
Malts: Pale, Munich, Crystal Medium, Dextrin malt, Carafa Special II, Mela Beech, Chocolate, lactose
Hops: Willamette