Roulette Hop series

HBC 472


Alc vol 6,9%
OG 15P
FG 2,3P

Hop Roulette is a series showcasing new and experimental hop varieties. 
HBC 472 is the third beer in the Hop Roulette series, using 50% HBC 472 and 50% Mosaic hops.
Juicy IPA with both tropical fruits and green herbs in the taste. The aroma is driven by peach and coconut, with herbal and woody notes in the background. Taste is juicy, showing nectarine, peach and apple flavours with a slightly woody earthy note, white pepper and green herbs play in the aftertaste. HBC 472 has a strikingly unique bouquet, which is tropically juicy and herbal at the same time.

Malts: Golden Promise, Oats, Wheat. Dextrin, Golden Naked Oats
Hops: HBC 472, Mosaic